Long Beach, CA

June 16th - June 20th


CVPR is the premier annual computer vision event comprising the main conference and several co-located workshops and short courses. With its high quality and low cost, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers.

A letter from the PAMI TC and CVPR 2019 organizers

Welcome to CVPR from the PAMI TC and the entire CVPR 2019 organizing team, and we look forward to seeing you soon in Long Beach.

You may know that the U.S. government has taken action against a number of technology companies headquartered in China as part of an ongoing trade dispute between the two countries. Affected companies have been placed on a list, and organizations within U.S. jurisdiction cannot share technology with companies on that list unless it is otherwise publicly available. These actions have drawn greater attention recently with the addition of Huawei, a major participant at CVPR. The IEEE is currently interpreting these restrictions cautiously and has issued guidelines that discourage their organizations from sharing papers with researchers from companies on the list unless they have already been accepted for publication, which has implications for our peer review process This has caused a lot of confusion as well as understandable outrage in our community and others.

The PAMI TC and CVPR have always believed that our meetings are open to all who wish to submit their work or otherwise participate, and we welcome all as friends and colleagues. IEEE’s interpretation of these restrictions affects only whether members of listed companies may review papers. Participation in our public meetings is not affected. However, we firmly believe that program chairs and area chairs, as well as editors for our journals, should be able to choose the referee for a paper freely, and we will continue to advocate for this view very strongly.

After receiving further clarification from the U.S. government, IEEE has lifted their guidelines discouraging the sharing of unpublished papers with employees of Huawei and others on the restricted export list. We welcome this change and will continue to advocate for open science in all of its aspects.

Bryan Morse

Larry Davis, Philip Torr, and Song-Chun Zhu
CVPR 2019 General Chairs

News and Updates

CVPR 2019 Awards

CVPR 2019 Awards can be found here.

Opening Slides

The slides from the opening ceremony are available here, describing statistics about the technical program and the Expo; the best paper award winners; and the PAMI-TC award winners.

CVPR 2019 Interactive Data Visualization (by GVU Center at Georgia Tech)

A high-level interactive data visualization of research topics and details for each paper can be found here. You may also use it to filter papers by topic and/or institution and see the schedule for those papers.

CVPR 2019 has closed registration.

we are at max capacity and cannot accommodate additional registrations. There will not be any onsite registrations available.

Program Guide is available now.

Program Guide can be found here.